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"You little bitch!  You slapped me!  Now I’m going to get you!"  Lilac tried to pounce on Ruby, but Ruby closed her eyes and held her fist out.

A moment of silence.  Ruby opened her eyes and looked down to the ground.  ”L-Lilac?”  Lilac didn’t move.  She moved closer.  There was no blood but Lilac had stopped breathing.

She had had a heart attack, but of course, Ruby didn’t know that.  Ruby thought that she had killed Lilac.

And so, Ruby set out on her own.  She didn’t want anyone to know anything about this, so she moved Lilac to the bed and made it seem like she had taken a nap and never woken up.  And no one would ever know that she had anything to do with this.

Because in truth, she didn’t, but Ruby didn’t know that.

And this is the last we’ll ever see of the Shines family.  If you would like to download Lilac with some of her traits, click here!  A version  of Lilac from the very beginning will be available soon, and if you wish to download her and Rouge as a household (from the start), click here!

Ruby lost her temper and couldn’t hold it in anymore.  She extended her hand and slapped Lilac across the face.  She was so filled with rage she couldn’t hold it in anymore.

A slap across the face.  Ruby stepped back.

"You have no right snooping around my things!  You’re just like my sister — nosey!  If she hadn’t gotten involved with Azul…I’d still be with him."

"Wh-What are you talking about?!  So you did kill my parents?"

"I had to.  I needed to…I wanted to.  And now that you know I’m going to have to kill you."

Ruby went into the attic.

A place she had never been before.

She dug through the various trunks that were up there.  Most of the things belonged to a man named Mint Songs, a man she had never heard of before.  Some of them were singed.  She continued to dig through the items.  

Ruby pulled out a picture.  She dusted the dust off and coughed a slight cough.  No one had looked at this photo in forever.  ”Wow…”  She mumbled to herself.  It was a photo of Azul and Rouge.  They were in Paris.  ”These are my parents?”  She looked at it closely.  Her eyes matched those of Rouge.

Ruby sat on her bottom and thought for a second.  She felt the ominous feeling that the attic gave her.  The death of her parents sank in, but she eventually began to think that she had no memory of them.  She didn’t remember her father’s sculptures or her mother’s warm embrace.

Eventually, through much thought and contemplation, she realized that Lilac had something to do with the disappearance of her parents and she would have to confront her.

And so she did.

And the look on Lilac’s face changed into something she had never seen before.

"N-No.  I won’t.  I’m going to school this morning."  Ruby stood her ground.

"Listen, little bitch.  I saved you when your parents died, so you’re gonna do what I say — okay?  You’re going to do the dishes and weed the garden and paint my toenails.  Understood?"

"Y-Yeah…"  Rouge was stunned.  Never had Lilac spoken to her with such hatred in her voice.  And never had Lilac ever mentioned something about her parents dying.  She had always said that her parents were on a lifelong vacation.

She needed to get to the bottom of this.

"I know all about everything, Ruby."  Lilac was extra confrontational this morning.  "Buying icecream with MY hard earned paycheck — you can’t get away with it."

"Jeez!  That was like, how many years ago?"  Ruby crossed her arms.  She wasn’t feeling it this morning.  She wasn’t going to let Lilac stomp all over her.

"Regardless, you’re grounded."

Blanco Shines came home early from Smugsworth Prep for story progression.  He aged up and moved out.  If you’d like to download this sim, click here!

Very happy about how Ruby turned out — I was really worried about her but she isn’t too bad looking.  I love her eyes!  If you’d like to download Ruby as a teen, click here!  

And as Ruby searched the galaxy she saw an icecream truck drive up to her house.  Ruby was never allowed to eat anything sweet.  She waved down the truck and walked up to it, her eyes wide with excitement.  What sort of things were in this truck?

"I…I’d like that one!"  Ruby pointed to the cone.  She took it in her hands and wasn’t really sure what to do with it, so she took a bite.

The next day was saturday.  Lilac went to go fishing for her work and had left Ruby to her own devices.

"I wonder what I’ll do today."

Lilac ended up smacking Ruby when she began to scream.  However, Ruby was brave enough to stand up to Ruby.

"Mom would have never of done that.  If only she’d come back from her vacation with dad!  You and I, until then, are enemies!"  

And with that Ruby stomped off to go to bed.

Lilac had moved out Ruby and Blanco into a nice house far away from town.  It took two hours for Lilac to get to work — and more for Ruby to get to school.  Blanco didn’t have to worry, however, since Lilac sent him off to Smugsworth Prep.  

As the days passed, Lilac took care of Ruby for the sheer fact that she was the child of Azul … but Ruby began to look more and more like her sister and it infuriated her.  Ruby even acted like Rouge had acted.

"Little girl, go to BED!"  Lilac commanded Ruby.

"B-But!  I want to look through my telescope!  It’s night, can’t I stay up just a little longer?"

"No!"  Lilac was scary when she yelled.

Blanco Shines, son of Azul Amary and Lilac Shines (yes, all though he looks like he’s the son of Frost Bite, he’s not), has aged up into a teenager and gained the absent minded trait — probably because I didn’t play him at all until now.  He’s all right looking unless you give him a haircut with no bangs — his forehead is so dang huge!

I didn’t bother to change his outfits besides his every day because Lilac Shines wanted to send him to Smugsworth Prep, so off he went!