hi i'm gala and i'm 18
Kerri is my BFF


Cola took her anger out on the weight machine.  No one gyps Cola for money!

"What?  Are you kidding me?  He totally gypped me on this month’s rent!  I can’t believe it."

"Hey mom?  Is Pop at work?"

"Oh, no, honey.  He left a note saying he was called for duty and won’t be back.  He packed up and left pretty early this morning."

Cola woke up the next morning with a really bad headache.  She didn’t remember anything about last night.  She was confused as to why she was in Pop’s bed, but she was sure there was a rational explanation for all of this.

Then she burned the hot dogs and Punk ran right out of there!  What a coward.

Punk got home from his date with Iz and Caroline was there waiting for him to show him why he should pick her.

Catch was interrupted by Ariana heckling her … and Iz was not pleased.  Bitch please, can’t you see she’s having a date?

These two woke up and went and played catch in the morning!

"How are you feeling?"

"I’m … well, you know, nervous!  I really like you Punk, I hate to say it but I may even be falling in love with you.  I’ve done some things in my past to make me want to make sure that the guy I’m with really gets me.  And I think you do.  I’m just really glad to be in your top two and I hope that we stay friends no matter what happens."

Iz decided she wanted to eat alone to clear some thoughts in her head, but soon Punk invited her out to the garden to have a talk…

The two of them went to the pool together and did a breath contest.  Iz won, but Punk didn’t seem too sour about it!

Punk got the same room as last time and the lady seemed pretty excited to give it to him…