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So Sundrop went on a little adventure while Celestine trained!

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I didn´t actually give her a name…but somehow I feel like she doesn´t need one.

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I was contacted by a casting agent when they saw me rolling into town.  Apparently they were looking for the next, young bachelorette — I fit the bill.  I’ve always wanted true love but … ever since that thing with Pop, I don’t know if I will be able to let my guard down.  However, finding boys from all across the world just might help me to find “the one”.

They say they’ll be looking for the most contestants this producer has ever done!  At least twelve, but they’re hoping for more.  I really hope that this all works out!

Give Herb my love.  I miss everyone so much, but I’m carving my own path now…

That’s right!  I’m going to be doing a BC with Cola.  I am looking to do my largest BC yet — at least 10 sims will be competing for Cola’s heart.  These are the requirements:

  • Only one sim per player is allowed.  Please let them be YA male.
  • I have every SP/EP installed besides Late Night.
  • Please make your sims colorful!  Occult is a-ok too!
  • CC and sliders are fine.  Please include a list with your sim.
  • Please have every outfit done.  I will not be editing them in CAS unless there is a problem.
  • Please include a bio with your sim so I know what they are like.
  • There is no set deadline … I am pretty relaxed about starting this.
  • NO sims3packs.  If you need to learn how to make your sim into a .package, I will be happy to teach you.
  • The BC will be tagged with “Palmetto BC”.  I am going to try to make this BC a little more produced … interviews and chapters so that it is easier to follow along.

If you have any other questions, please message / fan mail me them and I will respond ASAP!  Please message me ASAP with your username and the fact that you want to compete.  Are all of the spots full and you want to participate? I’ll see what I can do.


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Hey guys!  Just wanted to tell you I’ve started to get contestants in and are over my minimum (yay!!), but I do have at least 3 spots left if anyone is interested!  Just message me if you are.


Nightcrawler Hair 13

Credits - Nightcrawler, Hoz, Digitalbabes, Io

Models - by thenoisyneutron


These two went back to China for their honeymoon!

Scott Wise - Palmetto BC.



Tapping his fingers restlessly, Scott leaned against the obnoxiously purple wall of the tiny interviewing room. Locks of flamingo pink hair fell over his eyes as he peeked again at his watch. Late. Of course she was late. The interview was set to begin over an hour ago.


He rolled his head to crack his neck, sighing loudly once more. A hard thump resonated off the walls as he let his neck fall, skull bouncing off the drywall. A moment later the door swung open and crashed into the wall, making Scott jolt awake. He panted wildly from surprise and stared into the open doorway in disbelief, his interviewer had finally arrived.

"Hello Scott!" Chirped the little woman entering the room. Her hair was up in a bun on the top of her head and she carried a clipboard with what looked like a questionnaire form resting under it’s binding.


Scott’s hands fled to his temples, rubbing them softly to ease the pounding explosion in his brain. “Couldn’t you be a little more… oh, I don’t know, not so fucking loud?”

Kate beamed up at her tall companion, unabashed by his words. She’d interviewed far, far worse. “A girl has to make an entrance, you know. Don’t be so dramatic,” her sing song voice echoed off the walls. “Sorry I’m a bit late, I had to finish up the questionnaire! Lots of good questions for you young men.”


"Well jeeze, lady, I don’t even know why I’m here. An interview is an interview, I was just hoping for a job." He combed through his hair with his fingers, staring at her from under a furrowed brow.

Kate’s grin widened and she pulled a stack of papers from her clipboard. “Actually, you’re here to compete in a competition of LOVE! Isn’t that amazing? I wish they had these sorts of things when I was young.”

Scott couldn’t believe his ears, “You mean.. you dragged me all the way down here for a stupid competition? What is even the point?” At this point, he felt pretty unlucky.


"This… this is your point," Kate mumbled as she dug around in her papers for a photograph.

Eyes widening, Scott snatched the photo of the girl from her hands. Her locks of minty green hair tumbled over tan shoulders, and he felt his heart flutter. “Oh,” he whispered under his breath, a smile finally widening on his lips. His hands subconsciously fled to the corners of his shirt, brushing off any dust or hair that had managed to gather. He wanted to look neat for his date with… whoever this was.


"Alright, so let’s begin with the questions shall we? The first thing on the list is whether or not you have any dependent family or plan to have children," Kate’s face glazed over into a mask of professionalism. 

Hot red flashes rose to Scott’s cheeks, turning him almost as pink as his hair. “Are you serious? They really care about that? Nah, I don’t have any bratty fucking kids,” he inhaled deeply, brow furrowing. “I’ve got an almost dependent little brother though, fucker is always in my business.” Scott pressed a cool hand to his cheeks, feeling a bit hot-headed.


"What about your brother don’t you like?" Kate asked, cocking her head to the side. "I’ve known to have a spat or two with my sisters but I could never be so… cold."

Glaring, Scott huffed out a reply. “How about you mind your own fucking business? My family squabbles are my family squabbles.” He crossed his arms stubbornly and stared at the floor, waiting for her to simply ask the next question. Tick. Tock. Tick Tock. Looking up, he could see her still staring expectantly at him from under his bangs. “Fine, you know what? You fucking asked. I’ve got this little brother, Salem, who is always in my business asking where I’m going, what I’m doing, who I’m with, if he can come, ‘do you love me’, jeeze, it’s just freaking overwhelming. The little fuck took our parents from me and he’s still begging for all of my attention as well.” Scott sighed deeply and closed his eyes, face skewing into a sad scowl. “I think my dad loved him more because he’s not as embarrassing to look at, you know…” He flipped his hair out of his eyes and looked up at it, “I take after our mom in almost every way. Who wants a pink baby boy? It’s ridiculous. Look at me, I’m Salem and my hair actually doesn’t look like a little girls, do do do do do hurrr.”


Through Scott’s tantrum, Kate stared at him with wide eyes. She couldn’t believe what a bratty diva he seemed to be. “You mentioned he was younger, are you sure that they weren’t just providing him more attention because babies need more care?”

"Don’t stick your nose where it doesn’t belong if you want to keep it. Besides, I think I’ve turned out pretty alright. I’m smart, attractive, and got a kickin’ personality to boot."

"I disagree."

"Shove it, Kate."


Scott swiped a pen out of Kate’s hand and began to fill in bubbles on the multiple choice part of the questionnaire, which managed to keep him quiet for at least a few minutes. Flicking his florescent hair from his eyes, he handed the completed form back.

"Alright… Everything seems to be in order, I guess you’re qualified enough to compete. Oh, Scott? One more thing."

"What now?"

"Your brother entered last week."


Salem Wise
| good sense of humor | lucky | nurturing | coward | natural cook |

Being the younger of two bothers was definitely not an easy task. Salem always looked up to his brother, admired him.. But Scott never wanted any part of that. He’s always ignore his little brother, lash out at him. It made Salem think he was ashamed of him. He didn’t know of what or why, but it just made him want to hide his secrets more. Probably what turned him into a skittish coward. He couldn’t be a disappointment.. Couldn’t let him know he was a witch.

He tried to combat it with humor, laugh it off. It worked.. For the most part. When it didn’t, he would focus all his time and energy into cooking. Looks like he was lucky enough to be pretty damn good at it naturally, and was determined to not let that go to waste.

| hair [soft] | facial hair | eyebrows | jacket |

For Gala’s BC. c:

YAY!  The second sim!  I’m so excited!!  His hair is just a color to die for *u*


i have tried so many times to put cc on punk but it just ….. idk it can’t happen it’s weird

ok my game crashed but whatever i filmed their wedding!!!  so i don’t care!!!  i was screaming!!!  whoooOOOOOoooOOOOOOOEEEEE

SCREAMS!! It’s mutual 😍😍😍

SPOILER I’m playing punk and Iz, looked what just popped up!!!!!